Heat pumps

The heat pumps that we offer are modern devices that were created with high efficiency and ecology in mind. The inverter air source heat pumps are based on the natural refrigerant R290. Check out our offer of heat pumps in ┼╗ory in Silesia.

Ensure clean air and reduced energy bills by using the solutions of the future,available to you now.

JBG HT heat pumps are not only dedicated to modern construction, the innovative JBG HT heating devices can also be installed in traditional, thermomodernized facilities.

Heat pumps - questions and answersi:

1. How does a heat pump work?

A heat pump is a device that uses natural energy in the air, water or soil and uses it to heat the house, as well as to prepare domestic hot water. It is an ecological source of home heating because it does not generate any exhaust fumes or other impurity.

2. Natural refrigerant R290 - what is it?

Mysteriously sounding, the refrigerant R290 used in some heat pump models is nothing more than the one encountered, among others. in propane fridge-freezers and freezers. What distinguishes it from other refrigerants is its low GWP (Global Warming Potential), which is only GWP = 3 (for comparison, the popular refrigerant often used in R410 pumps reaches a GWP value of up to 2088). A heat pump with R290 refrigerant is therefore a greener solution.

3. Is the installation of the heat pump profitable?

There can be only one answer - definitely yes. What speaks in favor of the installation is primarily the energy efficiency of the heat pump, which translates into low heating costs, as well as its reliability and maintenance-free operation (the heat pump does not require a boiler room), meaning that it becomes possible not only to save on bills, but also on your own time. The ecological aspect should also not be forgotten - because the heat pump does not produce harmful substances, including ash or smoke, it becomes a particularly environmentally friendly solution. It is without a doubt an excellent, green alternative to standard heating installations.

4. Is the use of a heat pump in our climate justified?

The heat pump is still a fairly new source of heat, but it is gaining more and more supporters. The experience shared by users shows that even in our climate, a well-chosen and set heat pump fulfills its function, bringing savings to users. However, it should be remembered that for the installation of the heat pump to be fully justified (not only in our climatic conditions), the heating system installed in the building should be adapted to work at relatively low temperatures (27-35 ° C) and the building itself should have a quite low heat demand.


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